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No Licences
WishlistConnect has sought to achieve an innovative and informative website. However, you also need to understand that WishlistConnect and Wishlist must protect their intellectual property, including their patents, trademarks and copyrights. Accordingly, please appreciate that no licence to use the intellectual property of WishlistConnect, Wishlist or WishlistConnect Advertisers been granted by this website.

Product Information
While WishlistConnect has endeavoured to ensure that all information, representations, illustrations, specifications and deals contained on this website are accurate at the time of publication, the information on this website is general in nature only and may show previous deals from WishlistConnect Advertisers. Deals are subject to change without notice. The general information on this website should always be read in conjunction with other materials and information available from WishlistConnect and Wishlist.

Privacy Policy - WishlistConnect

This policy outlines WishlistConnect compliance with the Australia Privacy Principles (APP’s) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (“Privacy Act”). The policy also provides detail on how “Personal Information” (defined by the Privacy Act as; information or an opinion about an individual, which can be used to identify that person) is managed in accordance with the APP’s.

Prospective customers have the right not to provide their personal information such as name and phone number when making an enquiry with the business. However, all customers when authorizing the business to provide them with goods or services must supply personal information deemed necessary by the business for completion of the order / sale.

Collection of Personal Information

All staff must adhere to the below steps when collecting Personal Information

  1. The customer must be advised at or before the time their personal information is being collected.
  2. The customer must be advised that the collection of their personal information (1) is required for the completion of redeeming goods or services on WishlistConnect and receiving monthly eDM’s and videos with WishlistConnect content.
  3. The customer must be advised that their personal information may only be disclosed for the purpose of which it was collected.
  4. The customer must be advised that from time to time they maybe a recipient of direct marketing from the business (customer specific offers and information). If the customer does not wish to receive direct marketing their personal information must be removed from any direct marketing activities.

Types of Personal Information Collected

Below is a list of the types of personal information collected by the business

Key personal information such as name and email address

Use of Government Identifiers

The business collects government identified personal information for the purpose of;

  • Gauging the success if the website and how much traffic signs up to the website and uses the deals.
  • In order to successfully mail out monthly eDM’s and videos


The business takes every necessary precaution to ensure that personal information kept;

  • Is not interfered with
  • Is not removed from the place of business
  • Cannot be accessed by third parties or unauthorized staff

Access and Corrections

All customers have the right to request access and or corrections to personal information held by the business.
Customers wishing to access their personal information can do so by emailing info@wishlistconnect.org
All customer requests will be processed within 5 working days upon receipt of request.

Opting Out

Customers wishing to opt out of any direct marketing undertaken by the business (electronic or telemarketing) can do so by emailing a request to info@wishlistconnect.org


If a customer has a complaint relating to the collection, use, access and or security of their personal information please refer the customer to the business’s Privacy Officer.
The Privacy Officer will discuss directly with the customer the issue and resolution in a timely manner.
In the first instance customers must submit their complaint by email to info@wishlistconnect.org
All complaints will be responded to within 5 working days.

Privacy Policy Review

The business reserves its right to review and or make changes without notice to this policy.
Any changes made will be in accordance with any future amendments to The Act.